Why You Should Buy a Sunliner RV

 At Sunshine State RV, we are passionate about our products. For over 13 years, we have specialised in matching the right person with the right RV, whatever our customer’s unique needs and desires. That’s why we sell Sunliner RVs, because as enthusiasts, we know that they are the best of the best in Australian-made recreation vehicles.

Here’s a quick guide to Sunliner, what they’re about, some of their great RVs, and why you make that purchase!

Sunliner – An Australian Success Story

 The Sunliner story began in 1974, when Tony Hunter and his wife had a go at converting their van into a camper van. The end result was so much admired that there were offers to Tony to buy the van. From there, Tony built the Sunliner business that we know and love today. His original vision, which has never changed, was to build high quality RVs that matched the best in quality and durability with comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The Sunliner brand has stayed ahead of the curb in anticipating and responding to customer demands – an Australian family owned business that knows and responds to the desires of Australian customers. Based in Melbourne, Sunliner today employs 120 employees who put their heart and soul into producing brilliant RV’s each day. Sunliner isn’t a mass production company, but rather a team that makes sure that every RV they put on the road is one that their customers will be proud of.

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 Be sure to check out our other exciting options. We have all kinds of RVs that suit the unique needs of all our customers – from those who enjoy a rough and ready camp, to those who prefer a more luxury experience. If you’re considering buying an RV, be sure to contact us on either 07 3806 1277 or 07 5493 6877 today!

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