Planning Your Sunshine State Journey in a Motorhome

 In Australia, and especially Queensland, exploring the Sunshine State in a motorhome is the perfect way to get amongst the unique geography and culture of this great state.

However, it’s important to plan your journey carefully. The team at Sunshine State RV has assembled a few tips to help you in planning your journey.

 Tips for Planning Your Journey

Maintain Your RV

It’s important to make sure that your RV is maintained year-round [link to blog 3] so it’s ready to go when you take off. Ensure that your RV is stored in proper conditions when it’s not being used, and if it hasn’t been used, give it a service before you set off.

Map Out Your Trip

Map out a rough plan of your journey so you don’t get caught by any unwelcome surprises. Carry an up-to-date travel map of the state. Ensure that you have adequate fuel and you know the best places to stop for both refuelling your RV and rest stops. Frequent breaks on long trips are a must to counter driver fatigue.

Take Care While Driving

Be aware that Queensland is a massive state with great variability of road conditions, including bitumen surfaces, gravel, and dirt roads. Be careful when crossing rough surfaces and roads covered in water – there’s nothing worse than being a long way from help!

Know Your Environment

If you’re in an unfamiliar area, be sure to ask local advice about road conditions and the best routes to take. Be sure to check for local wildlife as well, as it’s not uncommon to find animals grazing beside the road.

 Popular Queensland Sights

 Queensland is a state with much colour and variety – whether its outback wildlife, hip urban environments, or beautiful beaches. If you haven’t experienced Brisbane, be sure to check out the wonderful cultural and dining experiences available. Brisbane’s a cool urban environment that’s also more laidback and easy-going than places like Melbourne or Sydney.

If wildlife is more your bag, then check out Queensland’s five World Heritage listed areas. Queensland has 3000 individual reefs and coral islands in its Great Barrier Reef, featuring countless exotic marine wildlife. There are also lots of heritage rainforests and nature walks to be enjoyed.

For the historic explorer, Riverleigh features amazing dinosaur and fossil sites. The natural wonders of the world are apparent in the massive sand dunes and perched lakes of Fraser Island.

If you’re travelling at the beginning of summer, check out Mon Repos to watch the turtles make their progress along the beach to lay eggs. Don’t forget the kangaroos – a classic Australian marsupial that a traveller can’t go without seeing!

Need an RV For Your Trip?

 A great Sunshine State motorhome adventure begins with proper preparation. Contact the friendly team on either 07 3806 1277 or 07 5493 6877 at Sunshine State RV to discuss your options for motorhome travel! Be sure to check out our gallery of motorhome options to get you thinking about your trip!

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