Maintaining Your RV When You Aren’t Using It

 Sadly, most of us won’t be able to use our RVs all year round. Annoying things like work and responsibilities get in the way of our adventures, and for a while, we’ll have to store our RVs away.

It’s important to remember that “out of sight” should not mean “out of mind” when it comes to maintaining your RV. Even when they’re not being used, RVs need to be checked and monitored to ensure proper maintenance. There’s nothing worse than having a long-awaited trip disrupted because of some unforeseen damage or maintenance requirements. Here are some useful tips from the team at Sunshine State RV to make sure that when you’re ready to get on the road, you have a happy and healthy RV waiting to go!

Clean Your RV and Make Sure It’s Well Sealed

 Before storing away your RV, it’s important to give it a wash and wax. Washing it will mean that accumulated grime and debris doesn’t corrode the surface. Waxing it will prevent sun damage and limit grime build-up.

Store Your RV in a Well-Ventilated Area

 A build-up of moisture in the RV storage can cause mould to grow and lead to harmful bacteria build-ups, as well as unpleasant smells. Be sure to leave the RV in a well-ventilated area if it is being stored under cover. Leave rooftop vents open to allow air circulation throughout the vehicle. Be sure also to leave things like cabinets and fridge doors open so there’s proper circulation throughout every space.

Allow Some Light In

 If there is a moisture build-up in the RV, having block-out curtains rather than translucent ones can trap moisture and decrease chances of evaporation. If exposed to sunlight, block-out curtains can lead to an unusually warm environment within the van. It’s preferable to keep the inside and outside at a constant temperature.

Preventing Insect and Rodent Problems

 Australia can often be a nightmare for dealing with insects and rodents, and your RV is as much at risk as everywhere else. While it’s important to allow air in through the vents, make sure there are no openings that will allow insects and rodents to enter when you’re not there.

Thoroughly clean the inside of your van and remove all food scraps so as not to attract pests. Not only can pests leave a nasty mess, but they can also chew things like electrical wiring, causing considerable damage to your vehicle.

If your RV is going to be left in a place vulnerable to pests, be sure to leave traps and insect prevention devices around to catch the problem before it reaches the vehicle.

Consider Professional Help

 Consider leaving your RV with a professional storage company to mitigate all risks. You should also consider choosing an appropriate insurance policy for your vehicle that accounts for your unique circumstances. Remember – RVs are a significant investment, and it may be worth your while to bring in professionals who can take care of your vehicle, and compensate for damage that occurs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Need Help with Maintaining Your RV?

 In addition to selling RVs, the team at Sunshine State RV offers ongoing sales and service support to help keep your RV in tip-top shape. We love RVs, and we want to ensure that you get the most out of your experience! For further advice or questions on maintaining your RV, do not hesitate to contact us today on either 07 3806 1277 or 07 5493 6877.

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