Driving Safely in a Motorhome

 Driving a motorhome is always an exciting experience, whether you’re on the road or setting up camp. However, at Sunshine State RV, we want to ensure that you are safe during your RV experience. Driving always has its hazards, and operating a motorhome means extra consideration to ensure you arrive safe and sound at your destination. Our team has assembled a quick guide of must-know safety tips for your drive.

Stick to the Speed Limit!

 Sticking to the speed limit is a must, no matter what vehicle you’re operating, but it’s very important when driving a motorhome. Remember that motorhomes are much heavier and gather much more momentum than the standard vehicle. Driving over the speed limit will make it harder to stop suddenly, which can be a hazard when approaching traffic lights or navigating winding roads. We’d highly recommend taking corners slowly and cautiously in a motorhome, and cut down the speed further when driving in rain or fog.

Take a Nap

 Everyone knows that tiredness can cause crashes, which is likely to occur when driving long distances. It’s important to stop and take a break every two hours when on a long drive. If there are multiple drivers in your motorhome, take advantage of this by alternating shifts at the wheel. Pull over and switch drivers, or take a nap or make yourself a cup of tea.

Make Sure Appliances, Luggage, and Accessories are Secured

 While a motorhome can often feel as good as your regular home, just remember that your regular home doesn’t move! It’s important that accessories are secured down or safely stored when on the road so they don’t slide around. A sharp corner or a sudden stop may cause an object to fly around and possibly cause a distraction or hit someone. This is an especially important thing to consider when you have little kids who may leave toys lying around!

Be Considerate of Other Drivers

Drive conscientiously and always allow smaller vehicles to overtake you. Consider putting a sign on the back of your vehicle such as “Overtake When Safe”, which makes clear your intention to let others pass. Make sure to use your signals in a considerate manner, giving other drivers enough time to adjust to your movements. You should also leave extra distance behind the cars in front of you so they feel safe.

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