Important Considerations when Choosing your Motorised Home (RV)

Choosing your RV is comparable to selecting your new home that will best suit your lifestyle.

rv-considerThis encompasses comfort, functionality, practicality, and most importantly, hassle free living. With so many personal choices to make to ensure your RV meets your requirements it is also as important to understand what RV manufacturers consider as priorities through experience when they design RVs.  After all, RVs have been around since the motor vehicle was invented!

Motorised homes come in all shapes and sizes. The most common styles are van conversions and the larger commercially built A, B and C Class motorhomes.

VAN CONVERSIONS (usually referred to as Campervans) come in 2 main types, the ‘Pop-Top’ and the ‘High Topper’. Campervans are compact, easy to drive and economical to run. They can be driven on a car licence and used as a passenger vehicle. They are always built from the inside out whereby a commercial van is fitted with the basic kitchen, sleeping and storage specifications. The ‘High-Topper’ version may include a shower/toilet ensuite and generally are built on the long wheel base van for the larger models.  (Click here for images)

B and C CLASS MOTORHOMES range from economy to luxury models built on a cab-chassis with a customised-style body and an overhead peak added as standard. Slide-outs are now increasingly common. Measuring between 6-9 metres, the popular B and C Class Motorhomes offer substantially more space and storage and offer great value for money. They can be driven on a standard car licence, with option to upgrade to (LR) Light Rigid licence when the GVM exceeds 4500kg dependant on the chassis type selected. (Click here for images)

A CLASS MOTORHOMES are typically top-end RVs, 7-12 metres long and 7-14 tonnes, with custom bodywork on a specialised RV chassis or adapted truck chassis. Usually fitted with all luxury amenities, they can cost up to half a million dollars, even more. Generally these require a (MR) Medium Rigid or (HR) Heavy Rigid licence to operate. (Click here for images)

 What do you intend to do with your motorhome?

Don’t just think about the first trip, plan forward a couple of years. That is, will your motorhome be mainly used for weekend escapes to a favourite getaway destination? Alternately, is it for the realisation of a lifelong dream – the trip around Australia that may take months or even years to complete? The purpose will determine your motorhomes’ size and configuration, its layout and the extent of its appliances and fittings.

Buy New or Used?

In simple terms, new motorhomes offer all the benefits, safety features and comforts of recent design advancements, including latest appliances, insulated lightweight construction materials and new vehicle warranty. Buying new also gives you the choice to select the specifications of your motorhome to your needs and desires!

If you choose to buy a used motorhome always buy from a licenced dealer. This is the only way to guarantee clear title on the unit you are buying. Licenced dealers do many exhaustive checks to ensure that the units they are selling are in fact mechanically sound, structurally strong, not stolen or encumbered and offer extended warranties for both the chassis and the motorhome construction. (Click here for current display stock)


Before you set off to the showrooms take time to answer these questions and take them along to a dealer:

• List everything you want in the motorhome then classify them into ‘You Wish’ & ‘You Need’

• Where do you plan to go in your motorhome in the next two years?

• Where will you store the Motorhome?

• How much space do you need inside?

• What is more important: Living area / bed layout / kitchen / storage / ensuite design / etc?

It’s a delight to own a luxury motorhome complete with its own en-suite, flushing toilet, hot and cold running water, electrical appliances, separate bedroom and fully appointed kitchen, not to mention the on–board power, gas & water systems.

The Bottom Line

New buyers are sometimes astonished by what they consider to be the high price of today’s motorhomes. When you look carefully at the improvements in design and the excellent modern materials and accessories used in today’s models you’ll see that most of them represent real value for money. The initial dollar investment may serve advantageous when the time comes to sell. Prices do vary, of course. There are budget models and makes that traditionally cater for the lower end of the market, and there are also some makes that are rather superior and might be regarded as status symbols in the same way as certain motor vehicles are more desirable than others.

 “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”    (Benjamin franklin).

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