5 things you need to know before buying an RV

Read before you buy an RV

Our extensive dealings in the Motorhome Industry has left us with some clear advice, which we want to share with you before you choose a motorhome or campervan.

The investment is something you want to get right the first time and Sunshine State RV are well qualified to help you to make the right choice.


Be good to yourself, you know what you want in a motorhome, so why compromise.

Choosing your layout to consider bed position, ensuite style, kitchen format and most importantly your relaxation & living area, will ensure your motorhome is styled right for easy living on your RV journey.


Selecting the right chassis can enhance your RV experience, learning which suits your needs will help keep your journey hassle free. Creature comforts including arm rests, cruise control, reverse camera and the latest in vehicle safety technology like anti-lock brakes . . . these should all be considered and are standard with the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, such as Sunliner.


Nothing sounds better than a relaxing holiday in a home away from home.

Your Motorhome is a reflection of who you are. Choosing a interior décor finish that is functional, while still feeling warm and welcoming, adds to the enjoyment of your travel experience. Plush upholstery, abundant cabinetwork, stylish laminates, mood style lighting fixtures always make your motorhome liveable, practical and stylish.


Depending on your personal travel requirements, the selection of accessories and specifications should ideally suit your needs. Your personal requirements and individual tastes, should not be based simply on the length of your motorhome, nor unsuitable specifications to your needs. Whether opting to utilise caravan parks or experience nature when free-camping, resting easy with the right appliances fitted throughout, ensures peace of mind and keep you on the road unassisted for days. We will share with you our knowledge on these important factors.


Eventually you may decide to settle down and park on a more permanent basis. When that day comes, you will want the best resale value possible for your RV.

The Sunliner brand sold by Sunshine State RV, has a reputation for reliable vehicles, which hold their value in the used vehicle market. Obviously you need to take care of your RV on the road, ensuring you protect your investment through regular servicing and preventative maintenance.

Look after your top quality RV and it will look after the resale value. Bottom line is . . . be aware of the resale value of any RV you purchase (especially if brand new) and consider if that is an important factor in your overall plan.

If you have any queries about life in an RV or just want to chat about your plans, give us a call at the showroom closest to you.

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